The consultation process

The homeopathic consultation is quite different from those that you may have experienced with other health professionals.  The First Consultation can last for up to two hours, and during this time questions will be asked to find out how each individual reacts to the world around them.  In other words, the homeopath will want to know about your lifestyle, what type of work you do, what leisure activities are important, whether you prefer to be outdoors or inside, what foods appeal or which foods you prefer to avoid, your sleep patterns, fears and phobias etc.  In short, anything that will help the homeopath choose a remedy that is the best 'fit' for you.  Naturally, this is chosen to address whatever problem itis that you have chosen to come to the homeopath for.

The Follow-up Consultation will concentrate on finding out exactly what has happened since you took the remedy decided upon after the First Consultation.  It is really important that any changes in the way that you feel, or any changes in physical symptoms are noted down, as it is this information that helps the homeopath choose the next course of action. Sometimes this may be as simple as waiting to give the first remedy more time to act, or it may be a complete change in remedy chosen because new symptoms have appeared. This consultation typically takes less than an hour.

Homeopathy is not a 'quick-fix' for chronic situations such as rheumatic conditions, migraines, metabolic disorders etc and the ideal situation is where the client and the homeopath can work together as a team to bring about the best possible health-outcome for the person involved.  Sometimes this can take years of gentle tweaking of the remedy, other times it may just take a few consultations.