Chronic conditions can often be caused or exacerbated by a toxicity or deficiency in minerals, or from a heavy metal burden. The Oligoscan measures the levels of minerals and heavy metals and shows the results in a graph form. There are currently fewer than 20 Oligoscan spectrophotometers being used in New Zealand, and I am fortunate in being able to use this cutting-edge technology in my clinic.  It is invaluable in being able to detect whether a person has a nutritional deficiency or excess, or whether there is a heavy metal burden. A person wishing to have a scan using the Oligoscan will need to know their blood type, height and weight in order to get accurate readings.

The Oligoscan is a spectrophotometer that measures the amount of light emitted by a light source as reflected from the skin in order to determine the concentration of various elements in the skin. It makes a precise analysis of these in the skin and peripheral blood vessels by measuring the optical density of the trace elements, minerals and heavy metals.  No biopsy, blood or hair sample is required.

Oligoscan is an analyser of data and does not, in itself, provide therapy or therapeutic advice. However, as a trained user of the Oligoscan I am able to offer suggestions about how to overcome mineral deficiencies, and assist those wishing to detox and chelate heavy metals from their system.

The scans below demonstrate how the Oligoscan data is presented.

This Mineral Test Report shows several important deficiencies in this person's system.  The minerals Magnesium, Chromium and Iodine are slightly deficient, whereas Phosphorus is extremely low and needs to be addressed.

It is possible that this person feels fatigued, and may have the initial stages of an under-functioning thyroid gland.



The Heavy Metal Report shows clearly that there is a toxicity from Aluminium. This is the most common form of toxicity found across all ages, and ethnicities.  Although there may be no symptoms in young people, as people age, or carry a higher burden of toxicity with other heavy metals and/or non-elemental toxins, the effects will eventually be felt.  These symptoms can involve the nervous system, and  exhibit as poor concentration and memory loss.  There may be a greater tendency towards auto-immune diseases, and the immunity itself may be compromised.  There can be muscle pain such as is found in fibromyalgia, anaemia, allergies, hypersensitivities to things such as foods, chemicals and electo-magnetic radiation, and skin problems such as dryness and eczema.