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This page contains news links, research results, Youtube snippets, quotations and poetry - generally about homeopathy - but other related things may creep in here. They are items that resonate with me and therefore I share them with you.


The Homeopathic Principle

by Ian Watson from 'The Tao of Homeopathy'


When something in the outer world resonates with your innermost being, a healing possibility arises.

The homeopath is one who utilises this knowledge for the benefit of her patients,

yet the homeopathic principle is at work all the time without anyone being aware of it.


When a piece of music or a beautiful poem stirs your soul and moves you to tears, this is homeopathy.

When a minor incident brings forth all the unresolved pain from an earlier trauma, this is homeopathy.

When life delivers the blow that breaks open your protective shell and forces you to grow in spite of yourself,

this is homeopathy.

Homeopathy doesn't belong to anyone.

It is one of the ways in which life heals itself.


Homeopathy Research Institute

This is an informative website which presents the latest studies and FAQs about homeopathy. If you are interested, follow the link and be amazed at the breadth and depth of reserch that is being carried out in this field.




Research in Homeopathy

One of the main stumbling blocks that some people have with regards to homeopathy is the lack of evidence-based research.  Those with an understanding of homeopathy will realise that this is not as easy as it sounds, as by its very nature homeopathy is individualised to the person, not the disease.  This means that the remedy, potency and administration all have to be tailored to the individual, which is likely to be completely different from the remedy, potency and administration given to another individual with the same condition.  This is unlike conventional medicine where the same pharmaceutical drug (and dose, and administration) is given to all patients within a study (with the same disease).

The following link answers some of the most frequently asked questions:


The following is an excellent link to some cutting edge research on homeopathy: