Flower Essences

I currently work with 120 New Zealand Native Flower Essences from the FIRST LIGHT FLOWER ESSENCES OF NEW ZEALAND® range.  

These are gentle yet powerful aids which help us cope with living in the 21st Century, whether it be from external influences such as chemical and electro-magnetic pollutants, or from the stresses of working and playing in our busy world. Consultations for flower essence therapy can be made either alongside homeopathy, or as a modality in their own right.

The FLOWER COLLECTION© is designed to transform attitudes when negativity or other unwanted traits have crept into our personality.
The FERN COLLECTION© helps one to move beyond pain after experiencing trauma, even if it happened a long time ago.

The TREE COLLECTION© balances, strengthens, protects and clears the Chakras so that physical pathology is less likely to happen.

The SEED COLLECTION© helps restore healthy DNA patterns.

The PLANT COLLECTION© enhances life's day to day experiences and helps us to live life consciously.

The HEALERS COLLECTION© assists us to work in harmony with nature.

The SHAMANIC COLLECTION© treats the cause of disease on a spiritual level.

Through working with so many different essences it is possible to individualise the blend to suit the situation of the person.
It is even possible to have a constitutional blend that is designed specifically, based on a person's birthdate.